This July 4th, join us in celebrating Freedom From Food #FFF2015 #FreeFromFood July 2, 2015 11:17

When talking about the powdered food we often hear "why would you want to give up eating?"   It has always struck me as a bit odd that so many people jump to 100%, forever, dystopia because for most consumers, powdered food makes up 25 to 75% of calories and only 4% of people give up "real food" entirely.  (We know, we did the soylent consumption pattern research here)

It is true that powdered food is designed such that you could plausibly give up eating anything else for the rest of your life, but that doesn't mean you have to.  Consuming powdered food as part of your diet means you have the freedom to not eat other food, but it doesn't somehow make you a slave to your blender bottle. 

There's been some progress in recent months on getting the true consumption pattern into the general discussion (here, here), but there's still a lot of work to do.  Too much ink is still being spilled arguing against the invented dystopia (here, here). 

There's still more work to do, and we'd like your help.

Join us July 2nd through 6th

For this July 4th, we're asking powdered food consumers to share with their friends and family how powdered food adds richness to their nutritional lives.  But, we want to do it in a surprising way that drives home the point.  We want you to join us in celebrating NOT eating powdered food at your July 4th BBQ.   

We're asking all powdered food consumers to post two statuses to their social networks this weekend with the hashtags #FFF2015 or #FreeFromFood.  One with a picture of your favorite powdered food replacement drink (ketosoy, soylent, or whatever brand you consume) and a second one with a picture of some delicious real food you're consuming this weekend (we suggest steak and salad, but just because we're keto doesn't mean we can't appreciate that some people prefer a burger or grilled corn)

Here's what's being said about Freedom From Food.  Please join in.


The "Freedom from Food" giveaway and sale

If you're in the market for some KetoSoy this July 2nd through 6th -- get 10% off your order by using the coupon code FFF2015.  Spend the savings on something delicious that looks good on camera. 

And, because we can't resist the temptation to extend the alliteration even further, we're doing our first-ever giveaway the Freedom from Food for Free giveaway below.  We're giving away a free week of KetoSoy (us shipping included).

Freedom From Food 2015


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Powdered food gives consumers food freedom, not slavery.  Choice, not obligation.  Having powdered food as an option gives consumers more choices on how to spend their time, energy, focus, and money.  

Powdered food increases consumer's nutritional freedom.  And, I personally think that's something worth celebrating.