68 Meal Bulk Packs

$ 187.50

KetoOne (formerly Ketosoy) is Ketogenic soylent: a chocolate flavored meal replacement shake engineered to make the ketogenic diet easy. 

KetoOne is a fast and easy nutritional base.  When you're in a hurry, eating at your desk, don't feel like making dinner, running from class to class -- KetoOne is there to make staying in nutritional ketosis as easy as drinking a chocolate shake.

A Bulk Pack of KetoOne includes enough calories and nutrients for 15 day's worth of food (at 1800 calories per day), or 68 meals (at 400 calories per meal)

  • 15 days of KetoOne powder mix (2.85 kilograms, 6.3 lbs) in two bulk-sized bags resealable bags
  • 15 days worth of KetoOil (2 liters, 64 oz) in two bulk-sized bottles
  • 15 vitamin packs
  • Liquid sweetener of your choice (no extra charge).
  • 2 recyclable measuring scoops, one for powder, one for oil.

International shipping available.  Packaging may vary.